Richard in the studio



I trained in fine art sculpture and after careers in teaching and running an art gallery I have recently begun to make again. My mobile sculptures explore themes of balance and lightness. I am particularly  interested in forms that fill a space, but with little volume, and that have a spare, restrained aesthetic. I use found materials, wood and metal to construct sculptures that move with efficiency and simplicity.


I use tropical woods, such as rosewood and ebony, which have been ethically sourced. These woods have a natural beauty, dense tones and patterns which work well with the simple shapes I am currently exploring.


I also use wire, primarily brass, which I form into extended chains and linked forms which move freely, catching the light on the planished surfaces.


If you would like to see images of work in progress please visit my instagram page @richardmasonart


On this website you can see examples of my current work. If you are interested in a particular piece or in commissioning a piece please email me: info@richardmasonart.uk